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Dr. Thetis Cromie
Ph.D, D.Mn, LCSW

Psychotherapy • Psychoanalysis

Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis are opportunities for children and adults to work through the challenges of anxiety and depression, as well as traumas such as loss or abuse, and the defeating patterns of human interaction that result in problems in interpersonal relationships. Both modes of treatment provide opportunities for children and adults to experience improvement in their abilities to consolidate their talents and skills and to work more effectively toward their life goals.

About Dr. Cromie

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Dr. Cromie, Ph.D., D.Mn., LCSW, earned a doctorate from the Divinity School of the University of Chicago. To learn more about Dr. Cromie click the link below.


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As a psychotherapist, Dr. Cromie works with individuals of all ages. To find out more of what she does click the link below.


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Between books and articles, Dr. Cromie has contributed her knowledge toward several publications. To see these items click the link below.

I am a provider for the Student Health and Counseling Services at the University of Chicago

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